Journal Entry – 0001

The drop pod landed with out incident… for me thankfully. The planet we were sent to is known as tau alpha psi prime t.a.p for short is lush and open word. Every where I look there are flaura and fauna. My partner should be arriving any minute now. The commission promised us that we would land with in a days walk of each other but that was it. In the mean time I’ve set to building our hub which the commission has set to serve as out daily goals distributor.

I’m grateful to say that my standard issue S.A.B (scanner and builder) survived the decent to t.a.p. I remember in training listening to our instructor saying, “Be sure to secure your S.A.B. during travel…. otherwise you’ll get to experience life as a caveman!” My S.A.B only shows some minor scratching to its work man yellow exterior but that’s really it. Upon dismantling my pod and re-purposing the materials I set about to building myself a home base. With the blue print frequency keyed into my S.A.B and a click of the little red button I started the building process.

Instructor always said that the build process was especially quick, however I suspect that there is a fundamental difference in T.A.P’s operating frequency that is preventing S.A.B. from building faster. Back on our home planet we could set up structures in the blink of an eye although we usually slowed it down. We would slow down the build process simply because it was so mesmerizing to watch. Imagine something being built just before your very eyes in real time!

While writing this first entry the build has completed. I turn in for the night and hope that my partner finds his way to the safety of this base. I will continue to write these journals as time and life permits.

-Day 1, Signed L

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