I never thought that I would fail one of our key productive task metrics. Last night I failed and it has brought me to a place that I never want to visit again. They told us we would fail, they told us we would let them down, they told us all of this and more, […]

Communication has finally been restored, thank god. During my training for this assignment The Commission had mentioned that it was possible for anything to happen. If I’m being honest with my self though I would say it was expected that something would go wrong. Murphy’s law or some old adage and what not right? Regardless […]

Chapter One Society had changed. This aspect was neither new, good, or bad but rather simply was. We were no more prepared for the changed then anyone else. The change you might wonder was simple, yet the results profound. Animals had learned how to talk. This of course prompted the first wave of people to […]

The drop pod landed with out incident… for me thankfully. The planet we were sent to is known as tau alpha psi prime t.a.p for short is lush and open word. Every where I look there are flaura and fauna. My partner should be arriving any minute now. The commission promised us that we would […]