Journal entry- 0001.5

So I messed it up again. Just like everything else in training. My booster rockets failed to fire and I was unable to reach the surface for the first rotation. Fearing I’d miss it again I fired too early on the second rotation and missed the landing zone by miles. When I finally did reach the ground nothing worked right. My PUB, Portable Utility Base, wouldn’t construct itself, my biomass burner wouldn’t light and I was very sore from the terrible landing. But I was finally on the ground and that was all that mattered.

I first attempted to find my partner by climbing the nearest mountain to look for him. That was not a good idea… By the time I got back to my barely constructed PUB it was dark and cold. I drearily decided to wait out the night in my damp dreary PUB. I hope tomorrow will bring me to more luck… or to my friend, L.

-Day 1.5, Signed Z

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