The Otter Side

Chapter One

Society had changed. This aspect was neither new, good, or bad but rather simply was. We were no more prepared for the changed then anyone else. The change you might wonder was simple, yet the results profound.

Animals had learned how to talk. This of course prompted the first wave of people to experience this phenomenon to assume the worst….. they were crazy. However with internet being such a prevalent aspect in our culture and those few brave souls, we learned that it was true. The animals could talk! Everyone could hear the sparrows and other little critters speak, and yet some people developed a more intimate connection with either a particular animal or even species.

My connection was with Asian small clawed otters. Sometimes though I would find a cat or two that would be capable of speaking with me. Most of the time though when I would a cat like that all I really got was a plea for food. When speaking with otters though full on intellectual conversation became a thing. This was never more true then when speaking with my particular otter, or as we had stolen from the fantasy books of old my familiar.

One of the aspects of life that inevitably ended up changing was the sale and ownership of “exotic” animals. World, National, and local laws ended up changing to facilitate this. My familiar who more often than not is an angsty little trouble maker was purchased one of the local familiar shops down near the big city. My familiar’s name was Bruce and as you might be able to guess he was an Asian small clawed otter with a rather obnoxious mouth….

The Otter Side continues on, check in next time to continue to follow one of the many Forgotten Stories!

-Signed L

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