Journal Entry – 0002

Communication has finally been restored, thank god. During my training for this assignment The Commission had mentioned that it was possible for anything to happen. If I’m being honest with my self though I would say it was expected that something would go wrong. Murphy’s law or some old adage and what not right? Regardless communication has been re-established and I can get back to being productive.

The Commission’s training had prepped us for almost any eventuality but I suspect even they weren’t prepared for the affects of downed communication. My S.A.B, work bench, and local computer all worked except for my R.D.D (resource delivery device). The only device that allowed for us travelers to meet our goals was down… With the R.D.D being down all I was capable of doing was building up a stockpile of resources and components that hopefully The Commission might request.

Now that communication is back online and the R.D.D. able to reconnect to its travel coordinates I’ve been able to load it up and send it on its way. I hope these two days of down time will not have a to terrible effect on my standing with The Commission. However, as I write this journal I realize that worrying to much will only affect my ability to be productive in the future.

With more R&D coming back from The Commission I have been capable of working towards increasing efficiency if only slightly. My facility has increased efficiency by roughly 2% and that uptick is dependent on being able to process a new metal. As the resources continue to facilitate the demands of The Commission I ( and hopefully my partner ) will be able to continue to increase efficiency and productivity.

Speaking of my partner…….. Its been a couple of days since I’ve landed. Based on this fact alone I can only think that something catastrophic has happened to him. I dearly wish he is alright but training dictates that as soon as you land you are to group up with the rest of the party and begin being productive. I will continue to watch the horizons for his suit and hope for his safe arrival.

-Day 4, Signed L  

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